Good News When Climbing Copper

I hope you were able to post some of the prices you received for your scrap through our website, or at least check the other prices posted.

Copper prices are HIGH!!! You should see an increase in prices of copper tubing and stripped wire by about 10 cents. Coming back after a long Labor Day Weekend was a welcome sign to see the price increase, now the key will be where to go from here.

With so much up and down movement in the markets, we are really curious about what will happen in the future and how things will change. I hope this is not a short-term thing, but a longer-term growth, but more importantly… stability.

Steel prices were not so lucky as all steel prices generally fell by $5-10 per ton. The overseas market continues to weaken and will be a very tough sell going forward. We still think it’s worth buying, especially if you can remove electric motors or copper wires from appliances and other items you pick up.

Bare Shiny Copper: $2.70-5.92$
Copper Pipe: $2.40-6.72$
Clean Rice: $6.00-15.12$
Insulated Copper: $13.55-21.30
Aluminum Sheet: $2.30-5.33$
Stainless Steel: $9.27-12.32
Aluminum Cans: $15.25-$23.35
Light Iron: $155-280 per ton