How to Negotiate Scrap Prices?

Trying to get the most money for scrap is like looking for the cheapest gas prices… How to Negotiate Scrap Prices you search around and sometimes you can find someone to work with and truly fit both of your needs. At the end of the day, it all comes down to relationships and doing what's best for you. The same is true if you want to negotiate scrap prices with your local scrap yard.

Scrap yard owners often work with customers when they have a consistent flow of materials, a large quantity from a business robbery, or perhaps a special price coupon at their scrap yard for a particular product. Just throwing money at people isn't usually something owners do, and you as a scrap yard should know this before you go to your scrap yard and ask for more.

How to Get Better Scrap Deals

Scrap prices are always negotiable… no matter what a junkyard owner or manager tells you. If you have the quantity, there is an opportunity to work together to get a better price, but you can't expect that when you go to a scrap mill for the first time. We talked to people on both sides of the scrap price spectrum.

Scrap Yard Owner

The owner of the metal scrap yard near me is the decision maker. End of term and topic.

Even though his managers and others are making day-to-day decisions on their behalf, he will eventually give consent to raise prices or give special prices. If you have a larger business in progress, reaching out to the owner upfront can only benefit you, and it's even better to try to connect with them on a personal level through a mutual acquaintance.

Who Manages the Scrap Yard?

Most scrap yards in the US and Canada are privately owned by 1-2 owners per facility, which means there are opportunities to make some extra money wherever you go, but you have to ask properly. We've heard stories from owners that a customer comes in with 12kg of brass, 7kgs of copper and 50kgs of aluminum plates for sale and leaves when they ask for 20% above the board price. don't get that number. This is not fair for the scrap yard due to the size of the process compared to the overhead and labor involved in handling and shipping the metal.

The Scrapper

We all know that "scrapping is not easy", but that doesn't deter you from being more careful about scrap prices, where to find scrap, and who pays the best money.

There are some scrap yards that pay more for ferrous or non-ferrous products depending on what their specialization is, but learning by trying a few places will do your best. Guessing which scrap yard is good at different metals isn't the easiest thing to do, sometimes it's good to go online to read reviews and ask some industry buddies for their opinion on which scrap yard to go to.