Looking for Scrap Prices Near You?

With thousands of scrap yards listed in the US and Canada, our directory allows you to search your area and find scrap prices in the area. We have scrap yards that are Premium Members that allow them to list their prices on the iScrap Online website, but all our users (like you) have the option to report prices.

What are the Scrap Prices Near Me?

Before your next trip to the scrap yard, ask yourself online “what are the scrap prices near me?” You can find it by searching. With the iScrap Online Price Reporting feature, it’s easier than ever to find scrap prices near you instantly. Our scrap yards directory allows users to report the scrap prices they visit or get quotes so it’s easy to find the information you’re looking for. Once you find the scrap area you want to get a price on, simply click on their profile and you will see the latest reported scrap prices.

Where Do Prices Come From?

Since 2015, the iScrap Online website has allowed scrap dealers and users to post scrap prices online. Therefore, when scrap dealers have recently exchanged their scrap or received a quote by phone, they can simply log in to the iScrap Online website and submit the prices for the yard in question. In case of a discrepancy in posted prices, we require users to log into a social media account (Facebook, Google or Twitter) to verify an email address. When a user logs into their social media account, they can return to the iScrap Online website at any time and report prices again.


We know that sometimes someone may post false prices or have specials in their yard, so it’s important to keep this in mind when looking at prices. If you see a scrap price that doesn’t seem logical, you can always “flag” it for review with our team. You can indicate that you think the price is too low, high, or incorrect. When we think that the information is incorrect, we will definitely review the price in question and remove it from our site.

How Do I Report Scrap Prices in My Area?

If you’re looking for directions and help reporting your scrap prices, you can watch the video below or also check out our helpful blog.

How Often Do Prices Change or Update?

Depending on how often scrapers report yard prices, many or no prices may be posted. If you come to a local scrap yard with no prices, it will be helpful to the community if you report the prices you received from that yard. You can choose what your price is, what the weight unit is, and also what material you pay for. Reporting scrap prices not only helps other scrappers, it can also help you. We know that many customers bring their scrap to the same yard, so you can keep an online record of how prices have changed over the last few weeks or months by reporting prices yourself.