Steel and Copper Prices Rising

Above all we wish you a very Steel and Copper Prices Rising happy 241st Birthday with the American! We hope to see so many people continue to have so many chances to do great things by looking better than ever before. We hope you can take a day or two off and enjoy the beautiful weather that blankets the country over the holiday weekend and maybe even throw some junk away.

In other markets, we’re seeing stainless steel really getting hammered over the past few months, with prices dropping on average $0.10-0.15 per lb. I hope this gets a turn, but it’s still hard to watch this happen.

Copper Prices Increase

Copper prices really bounced back last week with the market seeing prices rise anywhere from $0.05-0.10 on many products. We have seen that the prices reported on the Internet have actually increased, and this is a very positive thing. With the copper market really booming, we’ve seen many people posting their prices online and the national averages really rising.

While the market was down slightly, we saw gas prices at 12-year lows as we entered the weekend of July 4, making it easy to scrap knowing that the markets aren’t going crazy.

Iron Scrap Prices – Steel Prices Rising

Steel prices have really skyrocketed and we’ve seen the overall market increase by about $10 per ton on average over the past two weeks. We’re excited to see this increase because it means that the negative news we’ve heard of falling iron prices could quickly be reversed Steel and Copper Prices Rising.

Prince Edward Island, Light Iron, $50 per ton. ***Canadian Dollar
Houston, TX: Light Iron, $80 per ton
Brighton, IL: Tin, $0.05 per pound.
Huntington, IN: Fissile Steel, $165.00 per ton
Rockaway, NJ: Light Iron, $100 per ton