Top 7 Disappointments About the Scrap Yard

So whether you’re a seasoned scraper or not, there’s a lot of money to be made if you have access to scrap metal Top 7 Disappointments About the Scrap Yard. According to an IBIS World report, the US scrap metal recycling market is worth $27.8 billion in 2022. This is after adjusting for 5.5% growth for the year. According to forecasts, this change is expected to continue in the coming years.

Still, there are a few challenges you can expect to encounter as a scraper. One of these challenges is fluctuating scrap metal prices. Therefore, you will need to monitor prices to determine the best time to go to the scrap yard.

There are also several challenges faced by scrapers in the scrap yard. This article highlights such obstacles to help you prepare and solve them.

Lack of Clarity in Scrap Metal Detection

The beauty of scrap yards is that you can get almost any type of metal. However, not all metals have the same value. This can be a very important factor in your value as you get your money’s worth. Normally, businesses provide a list of products they sell or buy and state their prices. If you’re a first time scraper, you’ll be surprised that most scrapers don’t. Worse, they may not give you a definitive answer on how they grade scrap metal when you ask.

If you are not aware of the rating, you can easily be fooled and leave with much less cash. Therefore, as a scraper you should know your metals and their classification. Just because it’s big doesn’t mean it’s valuable.  There are two main factors when it comes to rating; the alloy composition of the metal and the amount of work required before the metals are recycled. Some of the popular notes are:

  1. Mixed Scrap – This is a batch of scrap metal with different metals with different levels of cleanliness. It brings the lowest price, so it is recommended to separate and clean your leftovers.
  2. Brass – Must have less than 5% of the other ingredients to qualify as clean brass. Copper-containing brass is acceptable at most junkyards.
  3. Stainless Steel – This can be classified as clean or dirty depending on whether the proportion of other materials is above or below 5%.
  4. aluminum – There are several types of aluminum, from food and beverage cans to extruded aluminum. In each category, the content level of other ingredients must be less than 5% to qualify as clean.
  5. Solid Copper – Solid copper comes in two grades. There should be very little corrosion and no brass. The latter may have brass fittings that are thinner than a pencil and small traces of insulation.
  6. Copper Wire – There are three types of insulated copper wire, depending on the weight of the insulation and the weight of the wire inside.

No Signage or Directions

If you’ve ever been to a junkyard, you know how big they can be. Beyond that, there are piles of scrap and heavy machinery everywhere. If you’re a first-time scraper or heading to a new scrap yard, you’ll likely have some trouble navigating.

This is because most, if not all, junkyards don’t bother putting up signs or instructions. So be prepared to make a few wrong turns on the way in.

No Access to Scale Reading

The value you get from scrap metal depends on several factors. These include metal composition, sorting, cleaning and weight. After you bring in and grade your scrap, it will be weighed to determine how much you will be paid.

You can assume that the weighing process is transparent, but this is not always the case. At some junkyard they will weigh themselves and give you the findings. If they are not transparent about the process, we can say that you cannot trust the result. So you have to insist and make sure you look at the scale.

Little or No Professionalism from Staff

There are several challenges scrapers face when visiting a scrap yard. While most apply to a specific number, there is one that seems to be abbreviated in general; lack of professionalism.

The customer service you will get at most junkyards is less than desirable. Sometimes you may even encounter rude attendants. If you don’t like the service, show you can leave.

That’s why many scrap dealers go to junkyards far from where they live.

Bad Ways of the Plant

Junkyards, as the name suggests, are places where people collect their garbage. Therefore, if you are expecting an excellent infrastructure, you are in for a surprise. That doesn’t even explain why junkyards have poorly maintained roads.

Top 7 Disappointments About the Scrap Yard? If you have a lot of scrap metal and are heading to a new scrap yard, be sure to use a suitable tool. Otherwise, you may experience some difficulties.