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Aluminum is used in many fields today. It is frequently used in areas such as construction, aviation and construction due to its ultra-lightness, which is one of its most prominent features. There are many types in aluminum. We will talk about these varieties in the last part of our article. One of the most important reasons why aluminum is valuable is that it is very simple to process and it conducts heat and electricity very easily. It is also used in many household items due to its stylish/clean appearance. Aluminum scrap is one of the valuable materials due to its function and usage areas.

Buying Aluminum Scrap

Aluminum scrap, like all scrap, is very valuable in our company, where aluminum scrap is purchased. We buy this material, which is one of the most easily recyclable materials, for a good price due to its easy recycling. Aluminum has high reflectivity as well as being resistant to weather conditions, foodstuffs and many liquids and gases consumed in daily life. With the contribution of its silvery metal-like color to this feature, it has an attractive appearance for both interior and exterior architectural purposes.

Aluminum is a flexible material. For this reason, it is resistant to sudden impacts. Also, its durability does not decrease at low temperatures. Materials such as steel are less resistant to sudden impacts at low temperatures. Aluminum is a simple metal to process. Aluminum conducts heat and electricity as well as copper. For this reason, aluminum scrap dealers are highly sought after and never lose their value.

Aluminum Scrap

Companies that Buy Scrap Aluminum

Since aluminum is a metal that simply cools and absorbs heat, it finds a wide place in the refrigeration industry. It is a metal that is consumed in many sectors because it is more affordable than copper scrap, is more available, is simple to process and is soft. As companies that buy scrap aluminum, it does not matter at all whether the material is old or new and usable. Aluminum is a light metal in all vehicle vehicles including aircraft and space vehicles and in the construction market; It is preferred in the construction of electrical / electronic devices with its conductivity feature. It is used in the production of decorative furniture, ornaments and household goods by making use of the shining and stylish appearance of aluminum.

It is preferred in side coatings thanks to its high durability/weight ratio. Aluminum scrap, whose consumption is constantly increasing with the effect of even new technologies, especially in the transportation, construction and packaging sectors, will always be valuable. Aluminum is worth the scrap and you can contact us to sell it today. reach for metal scrap yard near me for all kinds of recyclables.

Aluminum Scrap

What is Aluminum?

Aluminum is a ductile metal with a Silver color. It is mostly found in nature as bauxite ore and is known for its superior resistance to corrosion. The basis of this resistance lies in its passivation feature, aluminum does not spark, it is non-toxic and non-magnetic.

It is used in the production of millions of different products in many branches of the industry and has a very important place in the world economy. Structural components made of aluminum are indispensable for the aerospace industry. It finds wide use in the transportation and construction industry, which requires lightness and high resistance properties.