Cables carrying energy current are always high in value and find buyers in the market as cable scrap. Our company, which provides energy flow with the placement of multiple metallic conductors, is mostly used in the electrical and electronic sector, and we purchase scrap in all states with the best scrap kilo prices.

You can get service from our company for cable scraps that are ready to be dismantled or for all cables that will need to be dismantled. We have the necessary equipment and tools for cable scraps of all thicknesses and properties. Our team is always ready for the dismantling of cables before demolition in various structures and buildings. For unused old cables, contact us at the metal scrap yard near me and buy it worth it. As cable scrap buyers, we do this uninterruptedly every day of the year and provide these services to our customers at the best price.

How to Sell Cable Scrap?

It is now very easy to sell for all cable scraps that you already stock or need to be dismantled. In the past, it was very difficult to find buyers at the company level, now the scrap dealer comes to you with a phone call. Take photos of the existing cable scrap in detail so that all of them are visible. Separate the cables so that there are no external scraps in them. Please specify the cable type in order to get the right price.

If you can weigh the weight, indicate the average. By performing the above operations, please send us the information and photos via our website. Our team will immediately investigate and get back to you with a price offer as soon as possible. Scrap cable owners, if they wish, can request a free discovery from our company.

Cable Scrap

Cable Scrap Buyers

In residential and commercial buildings, cable scrap is dismantled before demolition. It is the best solution to have this process, which is extremely laborious and difficult after demolition, done before demolition. Our experienced dismantling team comes to your address with their technical equipment and performs cable dismantling in a short time.

You can get this service from us either for a specified fee or for the scrap to be released. As cable scrap buyer, we determine real value prices and pay cash for all our customers. If you contact us, we will immediately send our experienced scrap dealer team and our vehicle to the address you will give on the same day.

What are the Types of Scrap Cables

There are various types of cables such as electric current cables, telephone line cables, underground energy transmission cables. Ptt cable, fiber cables, installation cables, antigron cables are also very valuable. Our company, which works professionally, makes purchases of all kinds of cable scrap. You should definitely get a price from us for your single core cable, steel armored cable and all your other cables. You can contact us at any time to sell or buy cable scraps.