Yellow Scrap

In other words, brass is also referred to as scrap, and there are items that use yellow brass almost everywhere during the day. Brass water meter, yellow brass faucet, yellow brass fountain, yellow brass valve, yellow brass honeycomb scrap, Yellow Pipe, Water Clock, Intermediate Band Yellow, Rod Sawdust, Erosion Wire, Ship Porthole, Ship Condensate, Ship Yellow, Rod End It is used in hundreds of ways such as Part, Propeller, Araiş Band Yellow, Minocs Glass Mold, Yellow Sphere, Kırkambar Mixed Yellow, Button, Radiator, Tin Coated Araiş Yellow.

All types of yellow scrap you want to sell and evaluate are valuable. Instead of keeping it worthless in an idle corner, you can sell it to us as a scrap dealer and support its recycling. Metal scrap yard near me professionally provide solutions.

Yellow Scrap (Rice) Fields

Brasses, of which many varieties have been identified, have high strength, good atmosphere and sea corrosion persistence, as well as high electrical and thermal conductivity. They are used in many places where these properties, good looks and simple machinability are required. Even the remnants of yellow rice, called scrap yellow or yellow brass scrap, which are used in many sectors due to their durable, long-lasting, aging and conductive structure, are valuable and usable materials. Yellow brass is frequently used in sanitary ware, hardware, electronics, maritime, and in the manufacture of some household and ornamental items, and even scrap yellow is recycled for use in these sectors. Scrap yellow, a valuable tool; even in itself, it is classified subject to the ratios of the metals that make up its alloy. These different classes of scrap yellow are of different quality and there are some variations even in their usage areas.

Some materials with yellow scrap; metal money, medals, lead casings, ornaments, pc sockets, fire extinguisher parts, various radiators, heat exchanger pipes, battery capsules, musical instruments, lighting accessories, decorative items, pins, rivets, pump body and channels, meticulous device method, clock It exists in our lives in hundreds of other areas such as parts, electrical connection elements, and small parts with screws for general purposes.

Brass, known as the yellow metal in the market, is the general name of the yellow alloys obtained by adding zinc to copper. It can be processed easily and has high abrasion resistance. Formability by printing depends on the copper content. White brass containing less than 55% copper cannot be processed simply.

Brass is mostly composed of an alloy of copper and zinc. It has a low melting point. With the addition of zinc, the price decreases and the desired properties in the material are easily obtained.

Yellow Scrap

Scrap Yellow Fields

Brass is one of the materials that can be used in the manufacture of many parts with its unique synthesis properties. When good durability and ductility are combined with very good abrasion and machinability, an indispensable tool emerges. The reasons for choosing the brass material are given in the case of low items. These;

  • It doesn't spark.
  • Abrasion resistance is good.It can be covered well.
  • It has good impact resistance.
  • It is not damaged by sunlight.
  • It has good abrasion resistance.
  • It has excellent machinability.
  • It has good thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • It is possible to be supplied in many sizes.
  • Its price is quite affordable and it is cheaper than copper.
  • Its strength is good, it is more durable than copper.
  • It can be recycled without losing its properties.
  • It does not lose its physical properties under 200 °C.

Brass materials are proven and proven to be superior to copper in many ways. You can get information and ideas about copper by reading our copper scrap article.