Report Your Scrap Prices

Report Your Scrap Prices Have you ever searched the internet for available scrap prices to get frustrated by a lack of information or outdated prices listed on a website? Now you can be a part of the change. The iScrap App allows our users to report current scrap prices in the USA and Canada online. It’s really easy to submit your current local scrap prices to our directory and now we reward you for doing so!

A Great Resource for Reporting Scrap Prices

Whether you want to sell your scrap copper when prices go up or you want to save your steel when prices go down, the Scrap Reported Prices feature can help you significantly. It lets you see the current status of local scrap prices while others or yourself report them for your local sites. Just follow a few steps to report your prices:

Once you report your scrap prices for your yard, you will be part of the largest online source for current scrap metal scrap yard near me prices. The Scrap provides weekly updates on current scrap market news and changes. These reported prices will help us view current prices and changes in key metal categories such as copper, steel, aluminum, wire, brass and more. When you report your scrap prices, you help keep track of current market conditions and get yourself and others the best prices for your material. After reporting your scrap prices, you can become a part of the chart by creating your brand.

How Much Metal Can You Recover From a Catalytic Converter?

While there are thousands of different grade catalytic converters out there, you need to collect thousands of catalytic converters from each and then test each as separate lots to get an actual percentage and know how much each is worth that day. Let’s apply the copper example to an exemplary catalytic converter recovery.

Let’s say platinum is worth $100 per ounce in today’s market, a nice round number (again… we hope it’s worth more than that as you read this!!!). You find a car with a catalytic converter and by chance you can heal that cat and get just platinum from it. Assuming none of the inner cores are missing and the recovery is going perfectly, maybe you’ll get 0.5 ounces of platinum out of it, which equals $50 multiplied by $100 per ounce.