What are scrap prices in Kentucky? 2023

What are scrap prices in Kentucky? 2023

What are scrap prices in Kentucky? 2023, Kentucky is a Southeastern state often known as the Bluegrass State. It is rather various – it is called the longest cave system on this planet, nevertheless it additionally has a really various tradition and a protracted historical past of settlement. In case you stay on this state, you understand it is a hard-working state of affairs – loads of produce and a can-do mentality. Many individuals who wish to earn further money and scrap metallic are in demand right here and can make good cash.

Earlier than embarking in your scrap metallic promoting profession, it’s important to know what legal guidelines and laws you will need to adjust to. Many startups we work with underestimate the complexity of the laws they should adjust to and are shocked to finally fail to promote or have to attend for cost by test.

What are scrap prices in Kentucky? There are some legal guidelines in Kentucky which can be nice for combating scrap metallic theft however aren’t too invasive. We have gone by way of all the main points and summarized every thing you must know earlier than leaving the home.

The very first thing to notice is that every one Kentucky junkyards are required to maintain data of all transactions for at the least two years. So remember your ID otherwise you will not be capable of full the transaction. The junkyard will make a copy of your ID in its data, video footage of the whole transaction, your image on the time of sale, and images and outline of the automobile you got here from. All supplies have to be saved for at the least 3 days earlier than processing. That is one other layer of protection in opposition to theft within the metal scrap yard near me.

Now that you understand the fundamental legal guidelines, let’s check out the junkyards in, what are scrap prices in Kentucky?. Let’s begin with Kentucky’s largest metropolis, Louisville. The scrap yards we advocate based mostly on our analysis are: Isa Recycling LLC and River Metals Recycling. These have one of the best service and one of the best scrap metallic costs.

Scrap Metallic Costs per Pound

Metallic Value Per Pound
Aluminum $11.01
Aluminum Alloy $10.88
Copper $13.70
Brass $12.90
Lead $10.93
Nickel $21.68
Tin $20.79
Zinc $11.35
Metal Scrap $8.18
Metal Rebar $8.29

Final Up to date On 2023-01-11

Scrap Aluminum Costs per Pound

Metallic Value Per Pound
Aluminum 1100 $8.70
Aluminum 3003 $7.70
Aluminum 356 Wheels (clear) $9.70
Aluminum 356 Wheels (soiled) $8.50
Aluminum 5052 Scrap $9.94
Aluminum 6061 Extrusions $8.62
Aluminum 6063 Extrusions $7.82
Aluminum 6063 Extrusions/Fe $5.60
Aluminum/Cu Radiators $6.64
Aluminum/Cu/Fe Radiators $7.52
Aluminum Radiators $8.39
Aluminum/Fe Radiators $7.29
Transformers $7.17
Breakage 50% Restoration $9.22
Chrome Wheels $8.66
E.C. Wire $11.08
Litho Sheets $10.70
Blended Turnings $10.40
MLC Clips $10.69
Aluminum Outdated Forged $10.67
Aluminum Outdated Sheet $10.66
Painted Siding $1.65
UBC $8.69
Zorba 90% NF $8.66
Aluminum Cans (clear) $9.51
Aluminum Cans (soiled) $7.25

Scrap Brass Costs per Pound

Metallic Value Per Pound
Pink Brass $11.97
Yellow Brass $11.86
Brass Rod $11.15
Brass Hair Wire $11.95
Brass Pipe $11.77
Brass Radiators $11.50
Brass Shells $11.67
Brass Turnings $11.71
Bronze $12.03
Bronze Turnings $11.06
Soiled Brass $7.88
Soiled Brass Radiators $6.88
Plumbers Brass $9.77
Semi-Pink Brass $8.80

Scrap Copper Costs per Pound

Metallic Value Per Pound
#1 Naked Vibrant Copper Wire $3.24
#1 Copper Tubing $3.03
#1 Flashing Copper $3.03
#2 Copper Tubing $2.85
#2/3 Combine Copper $2.77
#3 Copper with Tar $2.59
#3 Roofing Copper $2.68
Soiled Roofing Copper $2.51
Electrical Motors – Copper $2.25
Enameled Copper $2.55
Insulated Copper Wire $2.59
Lead Coated Copper $2.19
Silver Plated Copper $2.77
Tin Coated Copper $2.42
Tin Insulated Copper Wire $2.42

Scrap Lead Costs per Pound

Metallic Value Per Pound
Lead Batteries $0.19
Lead Shot $0.44
Lead Wheel Weights $0.28
Strong Lead $0.59
Gentle Lead $0.61

Scrap Zinc Costs per Pound

Metallic Value Per Pound
New Zinc Die Forged $0.84
Outdated Zinc Die Forged $0.72

Scrap Gold Costs

Metallic Value per Gram Value per Troy Ounce
9ct Gold $20.50 $637.74
14ct Gold $31.99 $994.89
18ct Gold $41.01 $1,275.51
22ct Gold $50.08 $1,557.81
24ct Gold $54.67 $1,700.50

Within the desk above you may discover right now’s scrap gold value for the totally different purities of gold. Scrap gold costs (in addition to scrap costs for different valuable metals) are normally set in troy ounces.
One troy ounce (Oz) is the same as round 31.1 grams.

Scrap Costs for different Treasured Metals

Metallic Value per Gram Value per Troy Ounce
Palladium $39.40 $1,225.38
Platinum $23.70 $737.14
Silver $0.58 $18.07

Above are right now’s scrap costs for silver, palladium and platinum.

Scrap Costs for Metal per Pound

Metallic Value Per Pound
#1 Bundle $0.10
#1 Busheling $0.10
#1 HMS $0.07
HMS 80/20 $0.06
Sheet Metallic $0.06
Shredded Auto Scrap $0.08
Structural Metal $0.07

Scrap Costs for Stainless Metal per Pound

Metallic Value Per Pound
201 SS $0.29
301 SS $0.44
304 SS Strong $0.63
304 SS Turning $0.54
309 SS $0.81
310 SS $1.23
316 SS Strong $0.81
330 SS $2.01

Above are right now’s costs for chrome steel. Stainless-steel could be very a lot in demand at the moment attributable to it is use in development.

Scrap Costs for different Ferrous Metals per Pound

Metallic Value Per Pound
Scrap #1 Ready $0.08
Scrap #2 Ready $0.09
Scrap #1 Unprepared $0.06
Scrap #2 Unprepared $0.06
Scrap Auto Slabs Complete $0.07
Scrap Forged Iron $0.10
Scrap Dishwashers $0.07
Scrap Dryers $0.07
Scrap Oversize Torch $0.09
Scrap Rebar $0.21
Scrap Washing Machines $0.07
Scrap Water Heaters $0.07

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