What are the latest prices for scrap metal? 2023

What are the latest prices for scrap metal? 2023

Scrap metallic costs are continually altering in accordance with present market costs. What are the latest prices for scrap metal? 2023 The kind of materials you might have will rely upon the value per pound you get. Some scrap metallic consumers will purchase no matter you might have, whereas others solely take care of aluminum, copper or metal.

At Scrap Metallic Consumers, we concentrate on industrial metals, excessive temperature alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals and all types of valuable metals. We’re dedicated to our prospects, paying high greenback. Our scrap metallic recycling covers the whole scrap metallic spectrum. We additionally purchase and recycle copper and aluminum wire of every kind and sizes. What are the latest prices for scrap metal? 2023 All stainless and metal.


These costs are legitimate as of as we speak’s date and are topic to alter at any time attributable to extraordinary market circumstances.

Copper & Brass

#1 Naked Brilliant Wire$2.40/lb
#1 Copper Tubing / Flashing$2.10/lb
#2 Copper Tubing / Bus Bar$1.90/lb
#3 Roofing Copper$1.80/lb
Brass $1.25/lb
Brass (Plumbing, Pipe)$1.37/lb
Bronze $1.55/lb
Brass Shells$1.22/lb
Brass Water Meter$0.75-$1.50/lb
Soiled Brass Taps$0.40/lb
Clear Brass Radiators$1.30/lb
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Clear)$0.91/lb
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Soiled)$0.72/lb
Copper NA
Copper Yokes$0.25/lb
Copper Transformers$0.08-$0.17/lb
Electrical Motors$0.12-$0.15/lb
Sealed Models/Compressors$0.13/lb

Ins. Copper Wire

Insulated Copper Wire (Cat 5/6)$0.62/lb
Romex® Wire$1.12/lb
Open Eye Hole Heliax$0.82/lb
THHN Cable$1.48/lb
Insulated Cable$1.58/lb
500-750 MCM (Naked Brilliant Inside)$1.83/lb
Insulated Metal BX$0.20/lb
Aluminum BX$0.77/lb
Christmas Lights$0.12/lb
Laptop Wire$0.32/lb
Cat 5/6 Cross$0.45/lb


Aluminum Siding / Gutters$0.34/lb
Sheet Aluminum$0.27/lb
All Aluminum Rims$0.40-$0.50/lb
Aluminum Home windows (damaged)$0.32/lb
Solid Aluminum$0.28/lb
Clear Aluminum Wire$0.47/lb
AL Thermo-pane/break (Not Glass)$0.28/lb
AL Litho Plates$0.47/lb
AL Machine Cuts$0.35-$0.55/lb
Aluminum Grills$0.28/lb
AL Turnings$0.12-$0.15/lb
Aluminum Transformers$0.03/lb
Soiled Aluminum$0.06-$0.15/lb

Misc. Scrap

Automobile Batteries$0.22-$0.26/lb
Lead $0.44/lb
304 Stainless Metal (Non-Magnetic)$0.30/lb
316 Stainless Metal (Non-Magnetic)$0.45/lb
Lead Wheel Weights$0.13/lb
Scrap Mills$0.05-$0.17/lb
Circuit BreakersCosts Range


Automobile Batteries$0.22-$0.26/lb
Lead Backup Batteries$0.16-$0.25/lb
Forklift Batteries$0.16-$0.22/lb
Metal Case Batteries$0.16-$0.23/lb
Cell Website Lead Batteries$0.16-$0.24/lb
A123 BatteriesName For Worth
Absolyte BatteriesName For Worth
Lithium Ion Batteries$1.50-$2.50/lb

Catalytic Converters

Small Overseas Cat$82-$97/every
Medium Overseas Cat$105-$130/every
Giant Overseas Cat$117-$250/every
Overseas Pre-Cat$32-$45/every
Home Cat$51-$62/every
Pre-Home Cat$24-$34/every
Small GM Cat$83-$97/every
Giant GM Cat$88-$117/every
Common Breadloaf Cat$87-$100/every
Small Chrysler Cat$57-$71/every
Giant Chrysler Cat$78-$97/every
Ford Cat$68-$82/every
Ford Pre-Cat$22-$28/every
Bead Cat$25-$35/every
Diesel Cat$5.00-$40/every
Small Wire$13-$17/every
Giant Wire Cat$36-$48/every
Wire Pre-Cat$7-$12/every
Half CatVaries, Ask
Aftermarket Cat$8/every
DPF Catalytic Converter$15-$450/every
AC Cats$63-$78/every

Metal & Iron

Metal $0.03-$0.05/lb
Stainless Metal $0.23/lb
Iron $87.00/ton
Gentle Iron$0.03/lb
Solid Iron$0.06-$0.07/lb
Brake Rotors$0.075/lb

Laptop Scrap

Clear Inexperienced Motherboards$1.15/lb
Non-Inexperienced Motherboards$0.55/lb
Reminiscence Chips$5.50-$7.50/lb
CPU Processor Chips$3.00-$25/lb
Entire Laptop Towers w/HD$0.12/lb
Energy Provides (w/ wires)$0.12/lb
Harddrives w/Board$0.40/lb
Harddrive PC Board$2.50/lb
Telecom Gear$0.12-$0.25/lb
Again PanelsCALLCALL
Low Grade Non PC Boards$0.08/lb
Insulated Wire$0.27-$0.62/lb
Laptop Wire$0.32/lb
AL Warmth Sinks$0.30/lb

Uncommon Earth Metals

Carbide $5.32/lb
Carbide Inserts/Shapes$6.00-$6.75/lb
Monel $1.60-$2.50/lb
FSX 414$5.25/lb
Titanium $0.35/lb
Nickel $2.50-$3.00/lb
Inconel $2.00-$2.75/lb
Excessive Velocity Metal$.20/lb
Hastelloy $1.75/lb
Hastelloy Shavings$1.50-$2.00/lb
Hastelloy Solids$1.75-$2.25/lb
Tin $1.50/lb
Tin Solder$1.50-$4.00/lb
Alnico Magnets$1.50-$2.00/lb

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