Who is paying the most for scrap metal

Who is paying the most for scrap metal? & 24 Hours Scraps

Collecting and recycling scrap metal is a great side job to make big money just from recycling discarded cars, appliances, electrical equipment and other types of scrap metal. Collecting old scrap metal can be a little lucrative, but you need to know the best types of base metals to collect and which types pay the most.

Copper is King

For most scrap dealers, copper is the king of scrap metal because it yields as much as $8 to $12 per pound. When it comes to metal scrap yard near me, this is a pretty high amount, especially when compared to other metals like aluminum or brass. Copper is also much lighter in weight than steel or iron, making it much easier to lift, carry and haul.

Why Is Copper So Valuable?

Copper is valued for its versatility and use in a variety of applications such as plumbing and electrical systems. It is important to keep in mind that not all coppers give the same price. There are copper grades that vary in price. For example, bare bright copper #1 will command the highest price, while #2 insulated copper wire will fetch a much lower price, so understanding the different types of copper is crucial.

Copper pipes and tubes used in plumbing are very valuable and can be easily recycled. If you want to save more money for your copper wires, remove the insulation from the wires before recycling your copper.

Who is paying the most for scrap metal

Where to Find Copper to Recycle?

You can find copper in electric motors, compressors, copper transformers, electrical wiring and plumbing systems in commercial buildings and homes. If you have access to demolition areas, you can collect discarded copper pipes and electrical wires for recycling.

Other Base Metals to be Recycled

While copper is the most lucrative scrap metal, there are other base metals that are worth your while to recycle. Brass and aluminum are two scrap metals that people often throw away. Brass can be harder to find than aluminum, but if you know where to look, you can find brass in a variety of household products such as doorknobs and handles, bed frames, faucets, and serving trays.

Aluminum is almost everywhere. You can find aluminum in tin cans, car parts, appliances, bicycles, and other products. While aluminum doesn’t pay as much per pound as brass and copper do, the metal’s abundance makes it worth collecting and recycling.

Recycling is good for the environment and a great way to put some extra money in your pocket. Sort all your metals by type to make sure you get the best prices for all your scrap metal before you go to the recycling facility.

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