You Should Sell the Scrap Now

You Should Sell the Scrap Now

You Should Sell the Scrap Now We hope the weather treats you well in the USA and Canada. We talked to a lot of people who have been hit with a lot of snow and ice lately and have really blocked some of the things they’re working on and are trying to scrap it.

You should ALWAYS watch out for things that freeze (copper pipes) or break (aluminum gutters) from the outside of buildings and homes during the winter months. These cause problems for home and business owners… but they can be useful for whatever scrapping you ultimately want to do You Should Sell the Scrap Now.

I can offer some general considerations that may help you make an informed decision:

Keep an eye on current market conditions for scrap metal. Check local scrap yard prices, online platforms, and commodity market trends to get a sense of the current market environment.

Consider the broader economic outlook. Economic conditions, industrial activity, and construction trends can influence the demand for scrap metal.

Pay attention to the prices of specific metals you have for scrap (e.g., copper, aluminum, steel). Different metals may have different market dynamics.

Take into account local factors that may impact scrap metal prices in your area. This can include changes in recycling regulations, industrial activity, or regional supply and demand trends.

Consider the practical aspects of storing and handling the scrap. If you have limited storage space or if the scrap is prone to degradation, you might need to factor this into your decision.

Assess your own financial needs and goals. If you need cash or if you anticipate changes in market conditions, it might influence your decision on when to sell.

Keep in mind that commodity markets, including scrap metal, can be subject to volatility. Prices can fluctuate based on various factors, so be prepared for potential changes.

If you’re unsure about market conditions or the best time to sell, consider consulting with professionals in the scrap metal industry or financial advisors. They may provide insights based on their expertise and market knowledge.

Non-Ferrous Scrap Market Update

As copper prices hit a 2-year high this week, we were really wondering how buyers abroad and domestically would react to these higher prices… and opinions were mixed.

You Should Sell Scrap

Many people think that copper prices are too high and there is no reason for the markets to rise so high… and many buyers have widened their spreads to hedge against sharp price drops due to higher prices. …for example, markets rose about 8 cents on Monday metal scrap yard near me… and then on Tuesday morning copper rose another 2 cents to start the day…all positive, right?

A few minutes before the markets opened, the copper market moved rapidly and copper prices fell by 7 cents in the blink of an eye. These are the things that scare the junkyard owners and the traders/brokers/factories that the junkyards will sell.

Non-Ferrous Scrap Prices Announced Last Week

  • Rochester, NY: Rice, $11.41 per pound
  • Calverton, NY: Stainless Steel, $30.32 per lb
  • Elizabethtown, KY: Pipe #1, $22.00 per lb
  • Pittsburgh, PA: Aluminum Siding, $10.35 per lb
  • Milton, FL: Aluminum Siding, $20.40 per lb
  • Gainesville, FL: Pipe #1, $32.03 per lb
  • Macon, NC: Brass, $11.60 per lb.

Sell the scrap

Ferrous Scrap Market Update

While copper and other non-ferrous prices reached high levels, we received good signals in the steel/iron market last week. Last week we saw prices increase by about $7 per ton on average, which is a very positive thing for scrap owners and they immediately reflect on their prices.

We hope that the market will continue to improve as there is more optimism for the domestic steel markets, but in our opinion it will not take another few months to see where the projects and goals of the new Presidential administrations begin to materialise.

  • Rochester, NY: Light Iron, $567 per ton
  • Urbanna, VA: Degradable Steel, $10.08 per lb
  • Pittsburgh, PA: Cast Iron, $1100 per ton
  • Bridgewater, MA: Tire Cars, $2250 per car
  • Sanford, FL: Cast Iron, $295/ton

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can reach you about to help you find out about market prices, information, or where things are going You Should Sell the Scrap Now.

  • National Average Scrap prices (as of 2/15/17):
  • Bare Shiny Copper: $1.85-$2.22
  • Copper Pipe: $1.72-$1.97
  • Clean Rice: $0.85-1.18$
  • Insulated Copper: $0.45-1.45
  • Aluminum Sheet: $0.22-0.33
  • Stainless Steel: $0.23-0.29
  • Aluminum Cans: $0.22-0.32 (Not CRV Pricing)
  • Light Iron: $65-125 per ton

It’s important to note that market conditions can change, and factors influencing scrap metal prices can be multifaceted. If you have a significant quantity of scrap metal or if selling it is a significant decision for you, seeking advice from experts or professionals in the industry can be valuable.

Always ensure that your transactions comply with local laws and regulations related to the sale of scrap metal. If you have specific questions about the current market conditions, consider reaching out to local scrap yards or recycling centers for the most up-to-date information.